Unity vs Unreal: which one is better to build your non-game app?

by Bartosz Mierzejewski

Reading this title might be a little bit confusing to you. After all, aren’t both Unity and Unreal game engines? Well yes, they are, you are absolutely correct,they are both powerful game engines,but they are also successfully used to build non-game commercial apps. Present-day non-game apps are adding more & more features previously seen only

AR, VR and more – 6 Non-game apps developed in Unity

by Ashmeet Singh

In my earlier blog post of the Unity blog series, I wrote about why Unity for developing non-game apps is becoming a viable option, especially to create 3D apps and experiences. In this blog post, I’ll share with you some non-game apps developed in Unity. Let’s dive in! Building AR and VR experiences with Unity

Building business 3D apps using Unity – is it worth it?

by Ashmeet Singh

Although we at Setapp have been using Unity for developing non-game apps for some time now, there’s still a lot of dispute online (& offline) on whether Unity is a good-fit for non-game development. Some advocate it, while others find using it for non-game development quite bizarre. Before handing out my verdict on the ‘Unity

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