How can AR help your e-commerce website to stand out from the crowd?

by admin

Global e-commerce sales are about to hit almost $5.0 trillion by 2021. The whole market shows a tremendous growth, as just 5 years ago it was estimated at just $1.3 trillion. That gives us a huge growth of 265%. What contributed greatly to the growth of e-commerce sales is the enormous growth of mobile e-commerce.

The Top 5 EdTech Trends 2019 – AI, AR, VR and more!

by admin

I started 2018 with the article Introducing the Top 8 EdTech Trends for 2018. The article featured EdTech experts from different backgrounds and highlighted the top trends from the world of educational technology.   Fast-forward 12 months and now I’m excited to present the EdTech trends again for 2019! 🎉 This time I reached twice

6 Companies That Master the Use of VR & AR in STEM education

by admin

There are still a lot of false assumptions and stereotypes about virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR). Do you still feel like it’s just a silly new thing used only by gamers? Or maybe you just can’t see how it can be used outside of the entertainment industry? You are not alone. A lot

AR, VR and more – 6 Non-game apps developed in Unity

by admin

In my earlier blog post of the Unity blog series, I wrote about why Unity for developing non-game apps is becoming a viable option, especially to create 3D apps and experiences. In this blog post, I’ll share with you some non-game apps developed in Unity. Let’s dive in! Building AR and VR experiences with Unity

Getting started with VR/AR – Part 1: The key differences

by Michał Wróblewski

Both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have grown into a billion-dollar industry over the last couple of years. According to Digi-Capital, the VR/AR market is expected to grow by more than $100 billion dollars by 2021. It’s important to understand that AR is NOT a competitor with VR, but a different kind of

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