Agile versus Waterfall

by Marta Zbierska

Agile versus Waterfall – what a choice… We have the traditional, linear, plan-oriented methodology Waterfall and the more flexible, test-driven approach Agile. Let us start with a simple explanation: when we have a software development project, we need to think about how to manage it. Which model is best for your project depends on the

Definition of Ready – the Path and the Goal

by Szymon Patora

Have you ever witnessed a situation where despite the team’s best efforts, diligence and meeting quality goals (Definition of Done) the customer is disappointed with the results of your work? If yes, it is very likely that the refinement process doesn’t work as well as it should, and you should have a closer look at

How to effectively form agile teams in your company

by Mateusz Gawenda

Many of us work in software development companies that use agile practices and frameworks. For most of us, it works well, and we’re satisfied with the results. However, most agile frameworks are not complete methodologies, and therefore don’t include solutions to all of the problems. For example, how to form new teams, how to educate

Four valuable practices for a better code review

by Kamil Cieślak

Agile is all about constant improvements. We do retrospectives, we improve our delivery pipelines, we make our work more transparent, and we also do code quality improvements. The most famous code quality improvement practice is code review. Code review is basically a process of verifying and improving your code quality. It not only helps you

6 mistakes you should avoid when starting a new digital project

by Anne Glaesel

If you have ever managed or worked within a team that’s delivering a digital project then you’ve probably come across the frustration of meeting the deadline and controlling software development costs. We certainly have and there were many reasons why we encountered problems, but we learnt from our mistakes. Why do teams struggle or fail? There

Scrum release planning – How to estimate software release date?

by Wojciech Czerniak

“Planning is everything. Plans are nothing.” – Field Marshal Helmuth Graf von Moltke  Planning is critical to the success of any project. Plans answer the key question of the rationality of the investment itself. Plans help us to know who needs to be assigned to work on a project and help to track the progress towards the

A recipe to get to know Scrum – with Scrum simulation

by Paweł Paszkiewicz

This blog post was originally published in Polish on and is co-written by Anna Finn, Language & Communication Specialist at Setapp. Imagine that you have bought a house and you would like to renovate it. You choose the best man for the job in town. Then, you decide on the final look of your new

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