How does skill development in Setapp look like? [Case study]

Many entrepreneurs assume that employees should specialise only in one area. They are supposed to focus on their tasks and deal with them as soon as possible. On one hand, it is perfectly understandable, but on the other, if you want to cooperate with passionate people you have to bear in mind that for them any mundane 9 to 5 work will not be sufficient.

At Setapp, we are well aware of it.

Passion = Work

“Do what you love and do it often” – the self-help guides’ headlines are shouting at us. You may think it is cheesy but in fact, this short sentence carries a huge message. When work is your passion, being successful is much simpler. We don’t need researchers to know that we perform much better if the tasks we have to do interest us.

Significant code

A programmer’s work is not limited to creating a specific software. Writing code itself is very important but you also have to have the ability to think ahead and plan which is not always equal to analytical thinking. To code well the knowledge of only one programming language won’t suffice. The genuine interest in new technologies and exploring them in practice is crucial.

Be the best version of yourself

You don’t have to look far to find the evidence that we in Setapp really believe in it. We asked two of our developers to reply to the same set of three questions.

  1.  how has your career path changed in Setapp so far?
  2.  why do you think work should be your passion?
  3.  what next?

Janusz Bossy – in Setapp for over 8 years.

1. How has your career path changed in Setapp so far?

I began the cooperation with Setapp as a junior programmer. At first, I programmed in C# (Net framework 1.1) and in Delphi (which is already long forgotten today). Then, I became a PHP developer and later on a production manager in Game Dev area.

I have always been interested in gaming and becoming a game developer helped me to get some new expertise which I could put into practice.

2. Why do you think work should be your passion?

Programming has always been something that interested me and thanks to that learning new things were always easier for me. In my free time, I created my own applications and projects.

PixFit is one of them. It is a tool for programmers who have to deal with layouts created by graphic designers. The application created by me lets you measure any element shown on the computer screen. Then you can save its dimensions to the clipboard so that it can be used in any other tool. PixFit analyses the content of the screen and thanks to that it can measure all elements.

3. What next?

My career path in Setapp has always been shaped by my passions and I am convinced that it won’t change. Currently, I am trying to extend my influence on the larger number of projects through educating teams and helping them to make difficult decisions or to complete harder tasks.

I do love programming so I join other teams to help them with more complex and demanding tasks with pure pleasure.

Michał Rusnarczyk – in Setapp for over 4 months

1. How has your career path changed in Setapp so far?

I came to Setapp and I thought that I would continue developing myself in Android. However, an opportunity to work with Unity turned up. Since I am open to novelties, I was more than willing to start working on that project.

2. Why do you think work should be your passion?

Currently, I am writing my MA thesis titled “Security in financial mobile applications” and for its purpose, I am creating a platform for paying your bills in a secure and fast manner.

michal setapp
3. What next?

For sure I would like to develop myself further in Unity. I would like to try other technologies for creating mobile applications such as Swift or React Native. I know if that is what I really want to do in the future, Setapp will be supportive.

We can provide you with many more similar examples. If only there is an opportunity to face new challenges, development teams are ready for it. People in Setapp are the most important because their success is what makes the company successful. If you want to develop yourself, don’t wait and join us today.

At Setapp we decided to abandon the idea of a career path. Sabina our HR Manager explains why in this blog post.

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