5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Setapp’s Significant hackathon

If you are a programmer looking for something significant to do during one of your October weekends, why not joining us in Poznań for a hackathon? You just need to gather a team of no more than six people, come up with a good idea and sign up here.

Are you still unsure why you should come? Have a look at the five reasons why you shouldn’t miss it!

1. Competition

Is your office work lacking in adrenaline and challenges? If you join our Significant hackathon, we guarantee a healthy amount of competition! You can see what you are really made of as a programmer.

The experience of coding in just 24 hours with time pressure and other competitors coding away in the same room awaits! You will be able to verify if you have better ideas than the others and if you can really make it work within limited timeframe.

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

2. Mentors

We are aware that you know a lot but we also know that you are hungry for more. That is why we give you the opportunity to learn new things from our fantastic mentors.

You will meet some of Setapp’s brightest minds:

They will be joined by Olli Vallo – our special guest from Finland. Olli is a co-founder of Kokoa – a company that specialises in ensuring that companies have their products created according to the highest educational standards.

You will be able to ask any questions related to your idea. Our mentor will also advise on how to deal with some technical aspects of your solution. You will not be left alone with your problems. Moreover, you will have time to talk about any other ideas as the guys are really chatty and helpful.

3. Latest technologies to test

At Setapp we have already developed apps for VR – such as Neverout, Overflight and other experiences. Therefore, we can offer you the latest technologies to test and play with.

If you are interested in VR (Virtual Reality), you will be able to check Samsung GearVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift + Touch. If MR (Mixed Reality) is your cup of tea, we have Microsoft HoloLens waiting for you and for AR (Augmented Reality) fans we have prepared iPad Pro.

Oculus VR a Setapp
Michał (VRobel) with Oculus Rift +


However, if you have already dabbled in VR/MR/AR, you can also choose to develop a solution for our hackathon in one of these technologies. Our Head of VR is one of your mentors, so he will support you in your endeavours.

Please remember that it is crucial that you know the technology that you want to use during hackathon – only then you can count on winning.

4. Prizes

Talking about winning. We know that competition is fun and it is a value in itself but we bet you appreciate a good prize! That is why we also thought about this. We have prepared two prizes – one for each of these two categories:

  1. Idea – The prize for the idea will be awarded to the solution that fits well into the “learn | teach | explore” paradigm and ties technology and education. (PlayStation 4 + PlayStation VR)
  2. Technical quality – While the prize for technical quality will be given to the team that will come up with the solution that is developed in the best way and has some potential to be developed even further. (A yearly subscription for Pluralsight.)

These two prizes are not linked. You can win both of them if you aim high and your team can deliver an incredible solution.

5. Amazing atmosphere

We will most definitely take care of you and your team! Members of our staff will be there to help you with any kind of inquiry. You will have time to chat with each other and meet new people.

We will take care of everything!

Our Significant hackathon is going to take place in our modern and brand new Showroom. Just next to a green wall full of live plants you will find comfy chairs, a sofa, and even a bar area!

showroom setapp

Upstairs there is a chill room with even more attractions. You can use our pool table that can be converted into a table tennis table, Nintendo, Sony Play Station VR and much more.

Food and more!

We also know that it is difficult to think on an empty stomach. Sacks waiting for your within your arm’s reach. There will be also a lunch break during which we will serve hot meals that any geek will fancy. And don’t worry there will be an area where you can have a nap!

As you can see there is no need to think more about whether to join our hackathon or not! Just gather a team and apply on our Hackathon page.

We also recommend having a look at the article about the preparation before a hackathon that you can find on Bulldogjob. (the article is in Polish)

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