Setapp travelers club – photos and stories Murowaniec 2022

Setapp Travelers Club emerged when by the coffee machine a group of hiking enthusiasts started talking. Majorca was first, then more people joined and now we can say it is one of our traditions that we gather up and plan mutual holidays as a community. All are invited current and former employees families & friends.

Our crew started this journey in the early morning in two cars. Driving from Poznań to Zakopane was a blast with the teams we got. In the first car, the driver’s seat was taken by Graphic Designer Rafał Staromłyński, he was accompanied by two scrum masters Aleksandra Bukowska & Milena Bagińska. This dream team was also decorated by Software Developer Tomasz Pajor and UI Designer Olga with whom we do not work but are friends.

The second car, perhaps not that glamorous, though still, great was filled with administration & HR girls (Anna Bielecka & Marta Morawiak, Joanna Flieger). Last but not least two Service Delivery Managers: Michał Wolecki& Szymon Sikora. Let’s not forget about one DevOps Szymon who traveled separately by train from Bydgoszcz.

The first team, let’s call them Designers / PMs, started on time, ensured parking places for both cars in Zakopane, and took a room in a shelter in Murowaniec PTTK. All according to plan. The other car team has its ups and downs, but still, we all meet with a smiley face.
Unfortunately, the weather was not the reason for our good moods, just this great companionship and hiking perspectives.

Our major conclusion from this journey. Scrum Masters are true unspoken heroes of each project – journey. At least one should be in each car. Need to remember this for future excursions.


Setapp foil-wrapped
Setapp foil-wrapped 😉

Evening planning for Saturday hiking was made in an old-school way. On the actual, not digital map and real guitar and cheerful song singing instead of youtube or Spotify. Weird for IT, right?


Photshoot with a map
Photoshoot with a map (Tomasz & Joanna planning next excursion)


Our first hiking destination was the Krzyżne gap (2112 meters in height). The trail was not easy, it goes through a mountain ridge and is secured by chains and other metal aids.

On a trail with a smile
On a trail with a smile


That was not an easy task, physically and mentally, but not without satisfaction we did it. Unfortunately, we wished to see some nice views from the top, but the fog made it impossible to see all the benefits of this unique destination.


Setapp travelers club group photo: Krzyżne gap on Orla Perć trail
Setapp travelers club group photo: Krzyżne gap on Orla Perć trail


Snowy and foggy weather did not spoil our happy moods. What helped us on the way was mutual cooperation, motivation, adjusting, and going out of our comfort zones. Being on the top was quite a mixed emotions cocktail for us. Tiredness, enchantment, joy affection.

Our SDM Michał having a well-deserved rest.
Our SDM Michał having a well-deserved rest.


For those interested in having such a trail registered on the map



Anna Bielecka was a thought hero of the whole hike as we all agreed amon Setapp Travelers Club. Despite losing the sole from her shoe, She truly managed to finish this excursion. Her award was that we heard a real woodchuck, who seemed very friendly.


Anna Bielecka - hero with broken shoe
Anna Bielecka – a hero with a broken shoe


How did we spend our evenings? Playing till late night hours on board games like Jungle Speed & Bang :-).

Setapp travelers club game night at the shelter.
Setapp travelers club game night at the shelter.


We also set a plan for a shorter Sunday trip on Karb (1853 m height.) Breathtaking views b.t.w and good weather this time. The other part of our team went to “Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy”, one of the most picturesque Tatra mountain destinations. All these views made us forget about time and we were quite late with leaving our room in the Murowaniec shelter, ups. whoops-a-daisy

Tatra mountains & our girls
Tatra mountains & our girls


Going back to Kuźnic we got to choose out of two trails. Through Boczań and Dolina Jaworzynki. We separated for a while to compare experiences in the end. Finally, we felt amazing satisfaction and started to plan further September strips on our way home.

More girly photos, why not:)
More girly photos, why not:)


Graphic designer making photos.
Graphic designer making photos – the obvious choice.


Now apart from working together, what we have in common is a passion for Tatra mountains and the Setapp Travelers Club that we plan to continue on having. When you join Setapp you can also join our Setapp Travelers Club you are also more then welcome to participate.


See how much fun we had in Murowaniec.

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