Setapp has been acquired by Sea/

We will accelerate towards becoming a centre of maritime technology excellence.

This new structure will allow us to gain an even more robust understanding of the maritime industry. It provides us with a unique position to expand the business with our existing and future clients and business partners.

As a result of this acquisition, Setapp and Sea/ will seek to leverage customer access to grow the centre of maritime technology excellence and attract many talented people from the Polish market and beyond to join our company.

It is crucial to underline that Setapp will continue to deliver services to its established clients and business partners whose projects will be ring-fenced from any other work being executed – as has always been the case.

Crucially, Setapp, due to this change, will focus more deeply on the maritime sector’s digital challenges. We will boost our way to assist those in the marine sector looking for qualified teams for their projects.

“Setapp has established itself as a provider of innovative software development services to the maritime sector. This new structure will enable us to accelerate that work as we strive together with Sea/ to become the centre of maritime technology excellence”. – Paweł Paszkiewicz, President of the Board at Setapp.

Setapp will be owned by Maritech, the company behind Sea/. Sea/ is a SaaS platform focused on delivering The Intelligent Marketplace for Fixing Freight. With a range of tools serving Charterers, Brokers, and Ship Owners the Sea/ platform is used for an annualized 34,000 fixtures across a range of markets, including over 80% of the seaborne Iron Ore market.

The acquisition allows Sea/ to continue to build The Intelligent Marketplace for Fixing Freight and projects Sea/ towards its purpose of Powering Better Decisions to Enable Sustainable Shipping.



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