How Setapp Academy creates space for young developers’ growth

If we really care about the future we need to focus on the present.  That’s why at Setapp we’ve decided to establish the Internship Program to support young talents interested in the IT area during their professional beginnings.  It’s inspiring to be surrounded by bold people constantly curious about everything around them. We believe that both sides can gain by exchanging experiences, ideas and energy.

Setapp has always been attracting extraordinary minds, continuously hungry for self-development.  Therefore, we are looking for people determined and passionate about what they do. Meet our first Intern – Asenata. Asenata is a student at Stanisław Staszic High School in Nowy Tomyśl. She became our intern through Poznan’s University of Technology (Politechnika Poznanska) program aiming young talents. Asenata shared her thoughts with us about her internship at Setapp.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Asenata, I am 18 years old and I have recently started my adventure with Setapp. I have been passionate about computer programming since always. When I came across web development I decided to make my best efforts to become the most efficient web developer I can be. My biggest motivator is being able to make my own contribution to changing the world through projects that matter.

Why Setapp?

When you are at the beginning of your journey you do not really know what to expect ‘in real life’ from development environment. You are quite unsure about how to bring your dreams into specific actions, so what you are looking for is a friendly community of open-minded, experienced people, passionate about what they do, able to show you the way to achieve your goals. That is what I found at Setapp. Not only I can receive an in-depth technical training, including best programming practices, but what is more I am surrounded by people willing to help me to find my own path through web development, making it more significant.

What did you learn?

During only first two weeks of Internship I have learnt many lessons in relation to working as a web developer. From used technologies to dealing with clients. My mentor pointed me specific technical issues, needed to create useful product from scratch. Working on my own project I could implement most of them. I could take a closer look at teamwork, understanding the main assumptions about scrum. While spending time with HR’s crew I have been taught what qualities a perfect employee should have, how to deal with job interviews and how software industry works in general. However the most important lesson for me is about the positive attitude and constant growth mindshift regardless small or bigger obstacles.


What makes a good mentor?

Obviously, a good mentor should be an embodiment of patience and be approachable to new ones. My mentor at Setapp, Maciej, has both.  He has spent time with me getting to know my possibilities, to assign me well thought out tasks which let me grow my coding skills. I have always felt free to ask him for help or further instructions. Thanks to his skills and experience as a developer, which is another vital quality a good mentor should have, I could gain a good understanding of used  technologies, getting to know what is ‘under the hood’.

What was the most interesting part of your Internship?

The most interesting part of my Internship was participating at team meetings and following plenty of actions, made to create a perfect product. Seeing how everyone’s effort turns into specific software features is really motivating.

Did the Internship meet your expectations?

Internship at Setapp exceeded my expectations so far and it does not refer only to coding training. I feel fully supported by experienced people, who care about my future career and share with me their experience.

Do you think the Internship was beneficial to your future career?

Dealing with actual web development issues and being around highly skilled developers gave me many opportunities to improve, preparing myself to entering the job market. Gaining such experiences so early will definitely have a positive influence on my future career.

If you were to name 5 reasons why this Internship will benefit you, these would be…

This Internship is a perfect way to learn about what I am passionate about and put it into practice, achieving my goals. Pointing out what I think is most beneficial for me at Setapp I would say:

  • In-depth programming training
  • Team experiences
  • Company of professionals
  • Support when it comes to planning my career path
  • Friendly environment of people passionate about solving problems through technology

Note: Asenata’s answers are original and have not been changed in any aspect


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