User Personas: Why Are They So Important?

Currently, the market is filled with digital products, including web and mobile applications. Yet somehow, according to statistics, 90% of new startups fail. Some of the main reasons are lack of market need and no interest from users, which may indicate some apps were built upon wrong assumptions of their founders. The top rule when

What is Supply Chain Network Design and why is it so beneficial for a transport company?

Supply Chain Network Design (SNDC), also called strategic supply chain planning, is the process of building and modeling a supply chain to determine the best location and optimal size of the facilities to be included in the network with the resources and locations available. The location of all the supply chain’s facilities such as production

From Lean to Agile… and back again: my journey to become part of Setapp’s team

After more than 13 years spent working for the automotive, wood industry and Internet of Things businesses, where I was running and coordinating projects, designing whole production systems and helping develop some of the breakthrough, environment-saving technologies, I thought it was a good time to make a change and search for new opportunities to grow.

Why is visualizing data on maps a must-have for transport companies?

Although mainly associated with GPS navigation and websites for individuals users, visualizing data on maps is also a key business solution for many companies – especially those in the transport and logistics sector. A thriving transport company can’t expect to grow without modern digital solutions that improve internal communication. According to PwC rapport from 2019,

Jak cyfryzacja zmienia branżę nieruchomości?

W dzisiejszym świecie żadna branża nie jest w stanie uciec przed postępującą cyfryzacją – również branża architektoniczna i obrotu nieruchomościami. Pojawiająca się duża ilość nowoczesnych rozwiązań technologicznych na tym rynku sprawiła, że sektor ten otrzymał nawet własną nazwę – PropTech, od słów Property (nieruchomość) i Technology (technologie). Warto odpowiedzieć więc sobie na pytanie jakie technologie

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