Hacktoberfest Poznań – What to expect? [Interview with the developers]

October is not only the time for the much acclaimed Octoberfest in Munich. For developers and open source enthusiasts, the beginning of fall means #hacktoberfest. This year you can take part in the annual meetup at Setapp’s HQ in Poznań and contribute to the ever-growing open-source community.

Here’s what some of the passionate organisers say about the meetup:

What is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is an initiative by Github and DigitalOceans and it’s all about contributing to open source projects. After submitting 4 contributions you’ll get a limited edition Hacktoberfest 2017 T-Shirt. You can pick any project of your interest but all of the contributions must be accepted within October.Karol Sejka

Why are we doing this meetup?

Because we can!
We all share a common passion for open source. We consider it to be a very important idea. As such, it’s substantial to encourage new people to join the movement. And what better way could there possibly be? – Artur Iwicki

Who could join?

Anyone interested in Software Development. It doesn’t matter if these are your first steps towards Open Source or if you are experienced Software Architect maintaining several projects. For beginners, we’re going to show how to proceed with Git and GitHub. For experienced people, we can offer a comfortable place with snacks to commit and contribute. – Thomas Marciniak

What’s in it for me?

Fame and joy of showing off! By contributing to Open Source, you’re helping everyone in the community. Additionally, as a person, you become more valuable on the market. We have a chance to give what we took from Wikipedia! – Aleksander Lorenc

Are you ready to be part of the global open-source community and learn new skills? Then get your FREE tickets now and let’s celebrate open source over food, drinks, learning, and great company!


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