From Lean to Agile… and back again: my journey to become part of Setapp’s team

After more than 13 years spent working for the automotive, wood industry and Internet of Things businesses, where I was running and coordinating projects, designing whole production systems and helping develop some of the breakthrough, environment-saving technologies, I thought it was a good time to make a change and search for new opportunities to grow.

I drew my inspiration for a change from my colleagues – software developers and Product Owner – I had pleasure to work with while working on the IOT product. I decided to learn coding with Java, and Agile with Scrum. It didn’t take long before I got Professional Scrum Master I Certification and then my first job as a Software Engineer Trainee. 

Soon I came to realize that I can contribute to the world more with my experience in creating, improving and managing processes, and working with people to provide them the best working conditions to help them achieve their best performance.

Agile is the new Lean

Throughout my professional career I believed that great results can be achieved in a sustainable way, where people can reach their best levels of performance in a thriving, supporting and psychologically safe environment. In the environment where motivated people can improve and shape the way they work.

Both, Lean and Agile, which are close to my heart support this approach. 

New challenges

When I saw the Scrum Master job offer at Setapp I was ready to take on new challenges. And as I knew some people from Setapp already and they made a good impression on me, I decided to apply. 

The whole recruitment process took place online, as it was the early stage of the COVID-19 outbreak. The sign of new times! There were 2 stages: an interview with the HR representative and the technical part with soon-to-be my-fellow-Scrum-Masters.

From the very beginning of the process I could feel a respectful and warm approach from the recruiter, who oversaw the whole process. And I must admit that when she called with good news it was the nicest “Welcome on board” conversation I have ever had.

Challenge means an opportunity to grow

The new environment is great. Important, international product with a positive impact on the environment, global players as partners, committed teams, many challenges that offer opportunities to bring my Lean – Agile mindset to action, sharing knowledge and experience, growing and learning new things. What more could you wish for?

Not only work

I love the fact that at Setapp, if you want to, you get a chance to truly shape the organization. If you’d like to get involved as one of the “consigliere” to the COO, you can join the Savage Horde team to help solve organization-level challenges. Would you like to develop bottom-up initiatives that make Setapp an even nicer and more pleasant place to work? You can join and support the Community TeamOr you can do both, given you have enough time and creativity for that!

So if you are looking for a place that offers opportunities to challenge yourself and grow, where it is more than just regular, dull work, then Setapp is the right place for you!

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