Development teams that understand maritime

How our expertise in maritime is an advantage for you?

We are constantly changing; recently, our company became a part of Sea/ by Maritech. This acquisition was the result of our dedication and focus only on custom software for the maritime industry. We discovered our maritime clients could benefit from this approach. Finer points are presented in this article.

Development teams that understand maritime


Maritime industry bottlenecks

One of the advantages of our maritime focus is that we understand maritime bottlenecks and needs.

One major example is the skill gap affecting the maritime and transport industry. This is a major bottleneck slowing down digital transformation for the whole industry.

Development teams that understand the maritime industry might be the answer to your in-house recruitment problems in the matter of custom software development;

Above all, together with Sea/ We will search for leverage for all our business partners to grow in digital transformation. One of the reasons is that with these new structures, we gain more possibilities to enhance our development teams and offer you teams that will extend your maritime projects. 


Are you looking for a reliable tech partner for your maritime project?
Over the past 7 years we have gained credible experience in custom software develeopment with clients like ZeroNorth, Maersk Tankers and Writst Shipping.


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