8 benefits of heavy equipment training in virtual reality

by Bartosz Mierzejewski

In the past, we talked about the benefits of immersive technology for STEM education and e-commerce. Yet there is another area where virtual and augmented realities can be used just as effectively – heavy equipment training for machine operators. Thanks to the R&D project we’ve been working on, we learned how virtual reality can enhance traditional

At Setapp we bring more to work than we think

by Natalia Szwedzińska

Setapp is all about including everyone’s voice and talents. We are a diverse team, and we cherish our differences by creating an inclusive workplace. As we are proud of our team members, we would like to share their passions with you! Meet Rafał – one of our software developers. At Setapp, Rafał does the front-end,

How to save money & reduce risks with Design Sprint

by Bartosz Mierzejewski

Before we begin we need to clarify the naming issue. You can find many different names of the same thing circulating all over the internet – Design Sprint, Product Discovery Workshops, Service Design Workshops, Product Design Sprint, Innovative Workshops, Google Sprint etc. We decided to stick to the original name – Design Sprint. If you’re

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