SonarQube tutorial: how to get started?

by Stanisław Szołkowski

Have you heard about SonarQube before? Do you want to know how to use it and what kind of value it can bring to the software development process? You’re in a right place! We’ve prepared a series of 5 articles which will make dealing with SonarQube much easier. SonarQube – introduction SonarScanner tutorial (coming soon)

How To Save Money & Reduce Risks With DESIGN SPRINT

by Bartosz Mierzejewski

Before we begin we need to clarify the naming issue. You can find many different names of the same thing circulating all over the internet – Design Sprint, Product Discovery Workshops, Service Design Workshops, Product Design Sprint, Innovative Workshops, Google Sprint etc. We decided to stick to the original name – Design Sprint. If you’re

The future of in-store retail: technologies that change the way we shop

by Bartosz Mierzejewski

New technologies keep changing the way we shop. We are currently in the middle of a major retail industry transformation, and the lion’s share of that revolution is happening thanks to new technologies. It feels like self-payment checkout systems have been around forever, yet they’re a relatively new thing within the last decade. This shows

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