Setapp has been acquired by Sea/

We will accelerate towards becoming a centre of maritime technology excellence. This new structure will allow us to gain an even more robust understanding of the maritime industry. It provides us with a unique position to expand the business with our existing and future clients and business partners. As a result of this acquisition, Setapp and Sea/ will

Development teams that understand maritime

How our expertise in maritime is an advantage for you? We are constantly changing; recently, our company became a part of Sea/ by Maritech. This acquisition was the result of our dedication and focus only on custom software for the maritime industry. We discovered our maritime clients could benefit from this approach. Finer points are presented

Setapp travelers club – photos and stories Murowaniec 2022

Setapp Travelers Club emerged when by the coffee machine a group of hiking enthusiasts started talking. Majorca was first, then more people joined and now we can say it is one of our traditions that we gather up and plan mutual holidays as a community. All are invited current and former employees families & friends.

How reducing paperwork improves data exchange in maritime industry?

This article will show you some basics of maritime data exchange: Bill of Lading e(BOL), mobile data capture. We also wish to show you a new way of virtual reality professional training. Let’s take an in-depth look at areas where reducing paperwork can improve the maritime industry. The reasons to use paper have dwindled fast as the need

How analyzing market presence and experience can help you choose your software provider?

When choosing a software development company, you might consider market experience and expertise as a way to rationalize the fear of losing control over your project. In this article, we would like to share our thoughts on market presence, domain expertise, and experience and why these factors should be considered by managers looking to outsource developers.  

Optimizing System Integration

When planning strategies for the various aspects of your supply chain, crucial challenge is integration and optimization of all those systems. How to do this ? It is essential to always have at the forefront of your mind that a sum is greater than the sum of its parts. Excelling in individual elements will not

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