Planning Poker – is it an ideal estimation technique for your Scrum team?

Estimating the complexity of a task, the time needed to complete it and it’s combined risks are an inherent part of the Scrum process. Planning Poker is considered by some Scrum teams as an ideal approach for all estimations. It doesn’t matter to them if they have to estimate one big task with many subtasks, twenty

Four good communication practices for distributed teams

One of the biggest, and yet common, issue during a project within distributed teams is communication. If you are working with Scrum or any other Agile development methodology, you have probably realized that having conversations every day is a valuable step in the process. This is because the team’s productivity and the product’s success are

Startups in Denmark – the hidden champions of the Danish startup ecosystem

Denmark is well-known for its world-class design skills, high work standards and well-developed business environment. The Danish startup ecosystem is relatively small compared to the UK, Germany or even Sweden. However, both entrepreneurial spirit and a relaxed style make this small country a pretty unique place to do business. Take a look at some of the

Hacktoberfest Poznań – What to expect? [Interview with the developers]

October is not only the time for the much acclaimed Octoberfest in Munich. For developers and open source enthusiasts, the beginning of fall means #hacktoberfest. This year you can take part in the annual meetup at Setapp’s HQ in Poznań and contribute to the ever-growing open-source community. Here’s what some of the passionate organisers say about

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